Why choose Lost-foam?

Iron Casting Solutions That Will Surprise You

Iron casting is a time-proven technique. It’s been around so long, however, that for many people it conjures up images of times long gone. Not for us.  

That’s because iron casting has been truly revolutionised by lost-foam technology. And although lost-foam technology itself has existed for some time, its true qualities are only now being recognised. Lovink is at the forefront of the lost-foam revolution.  

With lost-foam casting, Lovink can offer state-of-the-art production solutions that will astonish you. As the leader in lost-foam technology, Lovink can create sophisticated solutions for complex products such as compressors and turbos; solutions that can’t be made by conventional casting.

In addition to lost-foam based products, Lovink produces unrivalled aesthetic iron cast products, enamelled pan supports in a wide range of colours, as well as very sophisticated stove parts. 

At Lovink, we continuously aim to raise the level of our services and products. As a result, we can help you create new, unexpected products and cost-effective solutions. 

Together with you, we will reshape the world of iron casting.