Lovink works with the best equipment. That’s why we have two fully automatic Disamatic machines in our moulding department. Each is equipped with an automatic pouring installation and a modern electric melting furnace, fully tuned to the process. Our machining deparment is equiped by latest standard and operates with robotic grinders.  

Our Disamatics are optimised for aesthetic iron cast products such as pan supports and stoves. Working with Disamatics offers a high degree of stability for the mould and a fine, smooth surface with sharp detailing. Furthermore, they allow for large dimensions and both medium and high-volume productions.

Technical Information: Disamatic

• Disamatic 2070, pattern size: 700 x 950, 
  max. 200 molds/h, cooling track 46 mtr.  

On both lines we pour with an inductor heated ASEA
presspour (6 tons), with programm-controlled stopper.