At Lovink, we have made sure that the casting and enameling processes are closely harmonised. The reason for this is that the strength and success of the top quality products lie in the integration of the two processes. With three different enamelling techniques ­– ElectroPhoretic Enameling (EPE), automatic spraying and hand spraying – Lovink offers designers of pan supports and stove parts a number of unparalleled benefits. Among these are beautiful texture and high visual quality, exceptional uniformity and a smooth surface, as well as very accurate dimensions and a wide range of colours.

Technical Information: Enameling

Material types:
• Grey cast iron:EN 1561: EN-GJL-150

• Full colour range in matt, semi matt and gloss,
   except for red and yellow (cadmium/selenium)

Acid resistance:
• Minimum class A, ISO 2722/ EN ISO 8290

Thermal shock:
• 3 x 380º C. Impact resistance/adhesion 
  DIN 51155, 2mm/20N. max. and E.E.A. Spec.8.6.3.

Temperature resistance:
• Enamel: during 3 hours on 400º C.
• Rubber feet: during 3 hours on 230º C.

Enamel coat thickness:
• Glossy enamel: 200 - 500 µm
• Matt enamel: 150 - 400 µm

Mist coat:
30 - 80 µm

Finishing facilities:
• Drilling
• Milling,
• Tapping 
• Assembly