1911 Lovink Technocast was established as an Iron Foundry and commenced operations with a Hand Mould Bay.

1939 Realisation of first enamelling production line.

1978 Introduction of new electrical melting furnaces and installation of one Disamatic Form Moulding machine. Furthermore Lovink introduced robotic grinding installations in the machining department.

1979 Introduction and set-up of a dedicated enamelling division and success in the market have meant that enamelling has become one of Lovink's core activities.

1982 A second Disamatic Form Moulding machine was introduced.

1989 Lovink starts with Lost Foam technology.

1990 As one of the first companies in Europe Lovink started with the Lost Foam Casting Technic, enabling to produce high complex and near to shape castings.

1996 First ISO 9001 Quality Management certification.

1997 Opening of first high-volume Lost Foam production line.

2005 Founding of Lovink Polska in Wykroty, Poland our dedicated enamelling plant in Poland, to secure the ever growing demand of our customers.

New generation in the line of family management has taken over responsibilities, as well a new organisation was rolled out to cope with the challenges of the future.

2008 Completion and commissioning of fully equipped laboratory and test facilities for cable accessories.

2010 Lovink Technocast Handmouldings b.v. established as separate entity for the production of hand-moulded products.

2011 Lovink 100 years!