Product development

Engineering Without Limits

Engineers put their hearts and souls into their work. They’re always looking for ways to create new solutions or better performance in existing products. And we at Lovink work hard to turn their dreams into reality.  

At the Lovink Design Center, we work together with our clients to solve complex questions with innovative design, using the wide possibilities of our lost-foam casting technologies. By combining your product engineering expertise with our knowledge of lost-foam casting, we can create solutions for engineering challenges which were previously unimaginable. Our innovative design and casting techniques have expanded the horizon and hugely broadened the possibilities.  

At Lovink, we blend time-proven casting expertise with progressive product and process technologies. Using 3D technology and simulation, we’ll visualise your design. And thanks to our rapid prototyping we can create your prototypes and moulds in an unexpectedly short period of time.  

 Do you have an idea that you don’t know how to put into practice? An ideal component that seems too complex? Put the challenge to Lovink. We will be happy to co-develop your ideas into products that work. Or we can show you what’s possible during one of our workshops at our Design Center. When it comes to technical solutions, the only limit is your imagination. Let us recast your mind!