Exclusive Designs

Exclusive Designs – Made Possible By Lovink

Brands are continuously searching for ways to give their products that exclusive edge; that specific signature or feature that offers their users an absolutely unique experience. So when they’re looking for a partner that allows them to make their most demanding designs possible, Lovink will gladly assist them.
Our pan supports are a class of their own. That's because our advanced enameling techniques allow us to create products with beautiful textures and high visual quality. Designers are often amazed by the level of sharp detailing we offer. And with our wide range of colours and finishes, we give them the freedom to make their products truly exclusive. At Lovink, we don’t like limitations. Because, at Lovink, we can also give them special features such as silicone rubber feet in all possible shapes. We not only make sure your pan supports do what they’re made for, we also allow you to give your stoves that unique sense of quality.   

Pan supports are particularly delicate products. Their dimensions should be absolutely accurate to allow easy assembly. They need to offer maximum performance in terms of heat resistance, thermal shock and adhesion. And they should have exceptional uniformity and smooth surfaces. At Lovink, we deliver all that, and more. 

You may think that exceptional design and superior quality come at a price. Well, we’ll be delighted to show you our solutions for creating outstanding products at remarkably low costs.  

We invite you to visit our Design Center to see what we have to offer with your own eyes:
  • Beautiful texture and high visual quality
  • Sharp detailing
  • Exceptional uniformity and smooth surface
  • Special features such as silicone rubber feet in all possible shapes
  • Very accurate dimensions, enabling easy assembly of stoves and eliminating wobbling because of stable pan supports
  • A wide range of colours, matt, semi matt or gloss with maximum colour fastness
  • Maximum performance in terms of heat resistance, thermal shock and adhesion  

Working together with Lovink, there are no more limits to the possibilities in design.