Let’s Lower Your Costs Together

Let’s Lower Your Costs Together

Cost is one of the most important criteria for any business. You can count on Lovink’s innovations to bring you cost-saving efficiencies as well as unrivalled technical solutions.  

By using advanced design technologies, integrating processes such as finishing, and eliminating unnecessary extra finishing phases, your product can roll off the production line faster and for less expense. 

With lost-foam technology, we can often create products in one piece instead of casting several parts and then assembling them. This means we can shorten the time required for assembly and finishing.  

Even when lost-foam casting in itself is no cheaper than conventional casting, it can reduce the costs of other sections of the production process. Lost-foam casting can even make specific production steps redundant, which in the end helps you save substantially on costs.  

Closely collaborating with your experts, we look at how we can (re)design a product in such a way that we can seriously reduce your production costs.  

Take up the challenge and contact our Lovink Design Center. When it comes to costs, we will revolutionise your ideas about casting.